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The notion of complex analytic space is the notion of analytic space in complex geometry; the generalization of the notion of complex manifold to spaces with singularities.


A complex analytic test space is a common vanishing locus of a set of holomorphic functions n\mathbb{C}^n \to \mathbb{C}. This is naturally a locally ringed space over the complex numbers \mathbb{C}. A complex analytic space is a locally ringed space over \mathbb{C} that is locally isomorphic to such a complex analytic test space.


Local contractibility

A smooth complex analytic space is locally isomorphic to a polydisc and hence locally contractible. See also (Berkovich, p.2).

GAGA theorems

Comparison to complex algebraic varieties (GAGA):


Introductions include

  • Brian Osserman, Complex varieties and the analytic topology (pdf)

Generalization of smooth complex analytic spaces to smooth pp-adic analytic spaces is discussed in

Discussion in higher geometry/higher algebra (derived complex analytic spaces) is in

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