nLab derived dg-category of a dg-category


The derived dg-category of a dg-category is the dg-localization of the dg-category of dg-modules at the class of quasi-isomorphisms. The result is a pretriangulated dg-category. However an important caveat is that, even if the original dg-category is pretriangulated, it is strictly contained inside its derived dg-category.

Despite the terminology, the derived dg-category is not quite analogous to the derived category of an abelian category. Rather it should be thought of as the analogue of the simplicially enriched category of simplicial presheaves, hence a presentation of the (infinity,1)-category of (infinity,1)-presheaves.


Let TT be a dg-category.


The derived dg-category of TT, denoted D(T)D(T), is the dg-localization of the category of dg-modules over TT at the class of objectwise quasi-isomorphisms:

D(T)=dgmod T[qis 1]. D(T) = dg-mod_T[qis^{-1}].

D(T)D(T) can also be described as the dg-category presented by the projective dg-model structure on dg-modules.



The dg-category D(T)D(T) is pretriangulated.


There exists a fully faithful functor of dg-categories

TD(T) T \hookrightarrow D(T)

called the dg-Yoneda embedding.


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