nLab finite homotopy limits of spectra -- section

Finite homotopy (co)limits of spectra

Finite homotopy (co)limits of spectra


A sequence of morphisms of spectra EFGE \longrightarrow F \longrightarrow G is a homotopy fiber sequence if and only if it is a homotopy cofiber sequence:

A proof is spelled out at Introduction to Stable homotopy theory (this Prop., following Lewis-May-Steinberger 86, chapter III, theorem 2.4 )

In fact:


A homotopy-commuting square in Spectra is a homotopy pullback if and only it is a homotopy pushout.

This follows from Prop. by the fact that Spectra is additive (this Prop.).

See also arXiv:1906.04773, Prop. 6.2.11, MO:q/132347.


This property of Spectra (Prop. , Prop. ) reflects one of the standard defining axioms on stable (∞,1)-categories (see there) and on stable derivators (see there).

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