nLab first-order modal logic

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As well as considering modalities applied to propositions in propositional modal logic, logicians have also studied modalities applied to predicate logic, or first-order modal logic. Here we can represent statements such as
xFx\Box \exists x F x, Necessarily there exists something which is FF.
xFx\exists x \Box F x, There exists something which is necessarily FF.

In the possible worlds setting, we think of a world containing a collection of individuals, instantiating various relations. Then we may require that for an individual in one world, for every related world there be a counterpart there. See Kracht & Kutz.

Various axioms concerning the interaction of the quantifiers and modal operators have been suggested, such as the converse Barcan formula

xFxxFx, \Box \forall x F x \to \forall x \Box F x,

but this is not considered to hold generally.


Awodey and Kishida showed that S4 first-order modal logic is complete with respect to a sheaf-theoretic semantics. Other approaches involve modal metaframes (Shehtman/Skvortsov 1993), counterpart frames (Kracht/Kutz 2002), coherence frames (Kracht/Kutz 2005), general metaframes (Shirasu 1998) and ionads.


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