nLab funding of the nLab



The physical existence of the nLab is funded by donations (see below) which are received via a mechanism handled by the Topos Institute, with the kind administrative help of Brendan Fong.

The nLab’s technical board decides about how to use these funds for paying server rent and sysadmin services (see further below).


If you like to support the nnLab financially, you are welcome to send a donation (a one-off fixed amount or a running monthly sum) through the following mechanism, kindly provided by the Topos Institute (thanks to Brendan Fong!):

Clicking on the link you will be asked for your credit card details and the intended sum, as in any online transaction. It’s quick and straightforward.

Please be sure to pick from the menu “My donation is for…” the field “nLab Online Wiki Restricted Fund”:

Thanks for your support!

Available funds

As of 05 May 2022 the funds available to the nLab due to donations are

  • 7280.59 USD .


Since then we have spent:

  • 3 ×\times 400 USD

    on payment of a temporary sysadmin.

  • 504 EUR

    paying a software company to help with the server migration.

The full expected cost of (at least) \sim 4000 EUR was saved, since the enlarged technical team kindly took care of the necessary server migration themselves.

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