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Hafnian is a special determinant-like expression evaluated for the pair (F,I)(F,I) of a matrix corresponding to an element FF of symplectic Lie algebra sp(2n)sp(2n) and a subsequence i=(i 1,,i 2k)\mathbf{i} = (i_1,\ldots,i_{2k}) of the ascending sequence (n,,1,1,,n)(-n,\ldots,-1, 1,\ldots,n). Let Σ n\Sigma_n be the symmetric group on nn letters. Then

HfF i:=12 kk! σΣ n(1) l=0 k1i σ(2l+1)F i σ(1)i σ(2)F i σ(2k1)i σ(2k) Hf F^{\mathbf{i}} := \frac{1}{2^k k!}\sum_{\sigma\in\Sigma_n} (-1)^{\sum_{l = 0}^{k-1} i_{\sigma(2 l + 1)}} F_{i_{\sigma(1)}i_{-\sigma(2)}}\cdots F_{i_{\sigma(2k-1)}i_{-\sigma(2k)}}

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