nLab ind-pro-object

An ind-pro-object in a category CC is a formal colimit of formal limits of objects in category CC. In other words, it is an ind-object in the category pro(C)pro(C) of pro-objects in CC. Ind-pro-objects form a category ind(pro(C))ind(pro(C)). Similarly, there is a category pro(ind(C))pro(ind(C)) of pro-ind-objects and its iterated versions. For example, higher local fields can be considered as ring objects in (iterated versions of) pro(ind(C))pro(ind(C)).

Regarding that there is a natural map from colimit of a limit to the limit of a colimit, but in general not the other way around, every ind-pro-object provides a pro-ind-object: there is a canonical functor ind(pro(C))pro(ind(C))ind(pro(C))\to pro(ind(C)).

In some prominent cases in applications, say if CC is a Quillen exact category, then certain subcategory of locally compact objects ind(pro(C))ind(pro(C)) is defined and studied by Beilinson and Kato.

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    real audio videos at link

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The following work of Drinfeld does not treat ind-pro-objects (only ind-schemes and some pro-modules over them), but has influenced many of the works above on Tate objects:

  • Vladimir Drinfeld, Infinite-dimensional vector bundles in algebraic geometry: an introduction, in: The unity of mathematics, 263–304, Progr. Math., 244, Birkhäuser Boston 2006, math.AG/0309155

A category C 1C_1 somewhat similar to that of Beilinson and Kato, and its higher analogues C nC_n were studied in

  • D.V. Osipov, Adeles on nn-dimensional schemes and categories C nC_n, Intern. J. Math. 18:3 (2007) 269-279, math.AG/0509189

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