networks of category theorists

This page collects the various networks and communities, in the largest possible sense, of mathematicians and non-mathematicians whose research is category theory-oriented.

It is by no means a comprehensive list, in strict alphabetic order.

  1. The Applied Category Theory (ACT) community.
  2. CoACT, the centre of Australian Category Theory (!!! This link is probably outdated)
  3. ItaCa, the network of Italian category theorists. See the updated event page!
  4. TallCats, the Compositional Systems and Methods group at TalTech University, Tallinn, Estonia.
  5. The Topos institute, an “independent scientific institute devoted to fundamental inquiry that shapes the technologies of tomorrow”.
  6. Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar, YaMCATS, is a category theory research network between the universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester and Sheffield. The network is partially funded by the London Mathematical Society.

Feel free to continue the list!

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