noncommutative residue

Noncommutative residue or Wodzicki residue is (up to a constant multiple) the only nontrivial trace functional ResRes on the algebra of pseudodifferential operators (of arbitrary order) on a compact smooth manifold MM. For a ψDO\psi DO PP it can be computed as the coefficient in front of logtlog t in the asymptotic expansion of Tr(Pe tΔ)Tr (P e^{-t \Delta}), where Δ\Delta is the Laplacian, or equivalently, in terms of the usual residue, res s=0Tr(PΔ s)res_{s=0} Tr(P \Delta^{-s}).

If MM is Riemannian, PP an elliptic operator of the negative integer order equal dimM-dim M then, by a result of Connes, the Wodzicki residue coincides with the Dixmier trace?.

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