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Noncommutative differential calculus

Noncommutative differential calculus


There are several notions of noncommutative differential calculus. See related pages regular differential operator in noncommutative geometry, bicovariant differential calculus, differential bimodule, differential monad, cyclic homology

This entry is about the version of “Cartan calculus” for associative algebras introduced by Boris Tsygan, Dmitri Tamarkin and Ryszard Nest, and studied also by Dolgushev, Kowalzig and others.


Let kk be a unital commutative ground ring. A Gerstenhaber algebra (V ,)(V^\bullet,\cup) over kk is a N\mathbf{N}-graded-commutative algebra with a graded Lie structure on V[1]V[1] satisfying the Leibniz rule (an analogue of a Poisson bracket in dg-world)

{c,ab}={c,a}b+(1) pqa{c,b} \{ c, a\cup b\} = \{c, a\}\cup b + (-1)^{p q} a \cup \{ c, b\}

A Gerstenhaber module? (Ω ,)(\Omega_\bullet,\cap) is a graded module over a Gerstenhaber algebra (V ,)(V^\bullet,\cup)

:VΩΩ,V pΩ naxaxΩ np \cap : V\otimes \Omega\to\Omega,\,\,\,\,\,\,\, V^p\otimes\Omega_n\ni a\otimes x \mapsto a\cap x \in\Omega_{n-p}

with a graded Lie algebra action of V[1]V[1],

:V[1]ΩΩ,V p+1Ω nax a(x)Ω np, \mathcal{L} : V[1]\otimes\Omega\to\Omega,\,\,\,\,\,\, V^{p+1}\otimes\Omega_n\ni a\otimes x \mapsto \mathcal{L}_a(x) \in\Omega_{n-p},

satisfying the mixed Leibniz rule

b a(x)={b,a}x+(1) pq a(bx). b \cap \mathcal{L}_a(x) = \{ b, a\}\cap x + (-1)^{p q} \mathcal{L}_a(b\cap x).

A Gerstenhaber module Ω\Omega over a Gerstenhaber algebra VV is a Batalin-Vilkovisky module if it is equipped with a kk-linear differential of degree +1,

B:Ω Ω +1,B 2=0, B : \Omega_\bullet\to\Omega_{\bullet+1},\,\,\,\,\,\,B^2 = 0,

such that α\mathcal{L}_\alpha for aV pa\in V^p and BB satisfy the generalization of the Cartan's homotopy formula

a(x)=B(ax)(1) paB(x) \mathcal{L}_a(x) = B(a\cap x) - (-1)^p a\cap B(x)

A Tsygan-Tamarkin-Nest noncommutative (differential) calculus is a pair (V,Ω)(V, \Omega) of a Gerstenhaber algebra VV and a Batalin-Vilkovisky VV-module Ω\Omega.

See also the case of Batalin-Vilkovisky algebra.


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Many examples of such noncommutative differential calculi are constructed using Hopf algebroids (Schauenburg’s version) in works

  • Niels Kowalzig, Gerstenhaber and Batalin-Vilkovisky structures on modules over operads, arxiv:1312.1642; Batalin-Vilkovisky algebra structures on (Co)Tor and Poisson bialgebroids arXiv:1305.2992

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