nLab prefibered category


A category π:EB\pi:E\to B over BB is a prefibered category if for every morphism f:bbf:b\to b' there is a weakly cartesian morphism u:eeu:e\to e' with π(e)=f\pi(e) = f.

This differs from a fibered category by not requiring that a composition of weakly cartesian morphisms is weakly cartesian, or equivalently that strongly cartesian liftings exist.

Just as a fibred category corresponds to a pseudofunctor B opCatB^{op}\to Cat, a prefibred category corresponds to a normal lax functor B opCatB^{op}\to Cat. For constrast, every functor into BB is a normal lax functor B opProfB^{op} \to Prof, see at displayed category.

Prefibered (prefibred) category (Rus. предрасслоённая категория, Fr. catégorie préfibrée)

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