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If CC is an abelian category (usually assumed with enough projectives), and MM an object in CC, then its projective dimension pd(M)pd(M) is the minimal integer nn (if it exists) such that there is a resolution of MM by projective modules of length nn, that is the exact sequence of the form

0P nP n1P 1P 0M0 0\to P_n\to P_{n-1}\to\cdots\to P_1\to P_0\to M\to 0

where P n,,P 1,P 0P_n,\ldots,P_1,P_0 are projective objects in CC.

An important identity involving the projective dimension of a module of finite projective dimension over a commutative Noetherian local ring is the Auslander-Buchsbaum formula.

Dually, we define the injective dimension of MM.

Id RR is a ring then both the category of all right RR-modules and the category of all left RR-modules have enough projectives. The left (right) global dimension of RR is the supremum of projective dimensions of all left (right) RR-modules. More generally, a global dimension of an abelian category CC may be defined as

gl.dim(C):=sup{i0|M,NC,Ext i(M,N)=0} gl.dim(C) := sup\{ i\geq 0\,|\, \exists M,N\in C,\, Ext^i(M,N) = 0\}

Thus the left (right) global dimension of a ring RR is the global dimension of the category of left (right) RR-modules.

See also global dimension theorem.

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