representative function


Let either

  • GG be a Hausdorff topological group and FF either the field of real or complex numbers or

  • GG be a linear algebraic group over an infinite field FF .

Then an FF-valued representative function on GG is FF-valued function which arises in the form tρt\circ\rho where ρ:GEndV\rho:G\to End V is a representation of GG on a finite dimensional FF-vector space and t:EndVFt:End V\to F a linear functional.

In the topological group case the representative function is automatically continuous and in the algebraic case it is automatically a regular function.

On the other hand if we assume that a function f:GFf:G\to F is continuous or respectively regular then it is a representative function iff

  • all left translates L gf:hf(hg)L_g f : h\mapsto f(h g) where gGg\in G form a finite dimensional FF-vector space

what is true iff

  • all right translates R gf:hf(gh)R_g f : h\mapsto f(g h) where gGg\in G form a finite dimensional FF-vector space

The set of all representative functions on GG is a Hopf FF-algebra.


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