nLab seminar on Grothendieck-Teichmuller theory

We meet every Monday from 12:15 until 14:00 in Sitzungzimmer. To enroll, visit Studip

This semester, we’ll try to study again the theory about the symmetries in deformation quantization. We start with reviewing Kontsevich’s original paper and its physics background, then go into the algebraic/topologic profile of this theory. Hopefully, we may land in associators and their symmetries in the middle of the semester.

A very tentative plan:

27.04: Chenchang on Cattaneo-Felder’s approach to Kontsevich’s quantization formula, reference arXiv:math/9902090.

04.05: Chenchang on Kontsevich’s quantization, reference arXiv:q-alg/9709040

11.05: no meeting

18.05: Malte on Algebraic/topological profile of deformation quantization, e.g. Deligne conjecture, reference

26.05 (note different meeting time!): Xiaoyi on homotopy BV algebra and formality conjecture, reference arXiv:math/0002116

01.06: David on Etingof-Kazhdan theory on deformation quantization on Lie bialgebras, reference

08.06: Dennis on arithmetric topology.

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