stable general linear group

Let RR be an associative ring with 1. As usual GL n(R)GL_n(R) will denote the general linear group of n×nn\times n non-singular matrices over RR. There is an embedding of GL n(R)GL_n(R) into GL n+1(R)GL_{n+1}(R) sending a matrix M=(m i,j)M = (m_{i,j}) to the matrix M M^\prime obtained from MM by adding an extra row and column of zeros except that m n+1,n+1 =1m^\prime_{n+1,n+1} = 1. This gives a nested sequence of groups

GL 1(R)GL 2(R)GL n(R)GL n+1(R)GL_1(R)\subset GL_2(R)\subset \ldots \subset GL_n(R)\subset GL_{n+1}(R)\subset \ldots

and we write GL(R)GL(R) for the colimit (union in this case) of these. It will be called the stable general linear group over RR.

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