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In logic, an argument is said to be valid relative to a specified logic if its form in that logic is such that whenever the premises are true then the conclusion must be true.

A logical formula is said to be valid if it true under every interpretation.

Validity in modal logic

To judge whether a modal logic gives a good encoding of the properties of a particular relational structure, we need to put aside the valuations and to concentrate on the frames. A formula will be valid on a frame 𝔉\mathfrak{F} if it is true at every state in every model that can be built from 𝔉\mathfrak{F}. More formally:

  • A formula ϕ\phi is said to be valid at a state ww is a frame 𝔉=(W,R 1,,R n)\mathfrak{F}= (W,R_1,\ldots, R_n) (notation 𝔉,wϕ\mathfrak{F},w \models \phi) if ϕ\phi is true at ww in every model 𝔐=(𝔉,V)\mathfrak{M} = (\mathfrak{F},V), based ion 𝔉\mathfrak{F}.

  • A formula, ϕ\phi, is valid in a frame 𝔉\mathfrak{F} (notation 𝔉ϕ\mathfrak{F}\models \phi) if it is valid at every state of 𝔉\mathfrak{F}.

  • If 𝔽\mathbb{F} is a class of frames (all of the same relational signature), then we say ϕ\phi is valid in 𝔽\mathbb{F} (notation 𝔽ϕ\mathbb{F}\models \phi if 𝔉ϕ\mathfrak{F}\models \phi for all 𝔉𝔽\mathfrak{F}\in \mathbb{F}, and is valid, ϕ\models\phi, if it is valid on the class of all frames.

Fixing a given set PP of atomic formulae and the relational signature that we are considering:


The set of formulae that are valid on a class,F\mathbf{F}, of frames of that signature forms a logic.

(We restrict to Kripke frames (i.e. to binary relations) for simplicity of exposition, and refer to the sources, such as Blackburn et al, for a fuller discussion.)

We denote the logic thus specified by Λ F\Lambda_\mathbf{F}.


Generally this entry is based on

  • P. Blackburn, M. de Rijke and Y. Venema, Modal Logic, Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 53, 2001,

(any mistakes or errors of interpretation are due to ….!)

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