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personal webs

The software running the nLab (instiki) can run more than one wiki simultaneously. Most aspects of these wikis are separate, allowing them to exist fairly independently, but a couple of features make it useful for some to have such a wiki alongside the nLab as opposed to on a separate instiki installation. The main one is the ability to create wikilinks to other webs, in particular to and from the nLab itself.

The wikis other than the nLab are referred to as personal webs, although one or two are not particularly connected with a person. Although a personal web, once granted, can be used for a wide range of things, the steering committee sees the personal webs as a part of the nLab as a whole and thus personal webs are intended to be used for the benefit on the nLab.

Thus as a guideline, personal webs are granted to those who have already shown a significant level of activity in the work on and of the nLab.

The procedure to apply for a personal web is to make a request to the steering committee. This can be via a posting on the nForum. The steering committee will then discuss the matter (this can take a few days) and respond privately. Once a request has been granted, there are certain choices to be made. When a web has been created, a brief announcement will be made on the nForum – the person to whom the web has been granted is encouraged to make a fuller announcement themselves to help the rest of the nLab workers understand the purpose of the new web – and an entry will be made in the directory of personal webs – again the person responsible is encouraged to expand on that entry.

Once a person has been granted a personal web, they automatically have the right to request up to three webs without the matter requiring the attention of the steering committee. To request a further web, simply ask a sufficiently powered lab elf to create it for you. The number of webs is the number of different types of web that are possible (see options for personal webs for more on the types) though there are no constraints on which type each of the three webs should be.

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