a reading guide to HTT


This entry is about the text

This book has prerequisites: category theory (see also the exposition in appendix A.1), in particular realization and nerve.

The reading strategy outlined here is approximately the following:

A.2 Model categories

HTT, A.2 model categories

A.3 Simplicial categories

HTT, A.3 simplicial categories

1. An overview of higher category theory

HTT, 1. an overview of higher category theory

2. Fibrations of simplicial sets

HTT, fibrations of simplicial sets

4. Limits and colimits

HTT, 4. limits and colimits

5. Presentable and accessible \infty-categories

HTT, 5. presentable and accessible infinity-categories

6. \infty-Topoi

HTT, 6. infinity-topoi?