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Univalent Foundations of Mathematics

Univalent Foundations of Mathematics

Welcome to the wiki of the special year on Univalent Foundations of Mathematics 2012/2013 at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, coorganized by Steve Awodey, Thierry Coquand and Vladimir Voevodsky.

This wiki contains various material relevant to this special program.

Note: Now that the special program is over, there is a new wiki dedicated to the subject of homotopy type theory and univalent foundations, which should be used instead of this one (and content migrated over as possible). It can be found here.

You are currently viewing a non-editable archival copy of the original UF program wiki that was made when the original Wikispaces provider closed down in 2018.


A list of the participants to the special year is available at IAS program participants

On an average week we have

See Working Groups for more general informations on the working groups.

An up-to-date Google Calendar is available at Calendar.

Note: the seminars are sometimes recorded and the videos are available here: http://video.ias.edu/sm.

Notes from the final organizational meeting.


Notes, code, slides, references and resources are listed in the following pages (in alphabetical order), don’t hesitate to add relevant resources.

Other noteworthy pages

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