Zoran Skoda Corda

Corda is an open source distributed ledger-like platform (sometimes referred to as “shared ledger”) written in kotlin, and developed by R3; see documentation. It is convenient for situations where parties are identifiable (e.g. B2B contracts); it has built in privacy, where only the interested parties process relevant transactions.

  • Mike Hearn, Corda – a distributed ledger (technical whitepaper, 2016) pdf; Brown et al. Corda - an introduction, whitepaper 2016, pdf; Brown, Corda - an introduction platform whitepaper 2018 pdf

  • What is Corda blockchain10

  • K. Chalkias et al. Blockchained post-quantum signatures, Cryptology ePrint Archive 2018/658 pdf (and related BPQS library github/corda/bpqs)

  • corda.net: industry, technology

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