Zoran Skoda Kumar Gupta

Kumar S. Gupta is a theoretical physicist at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkatta.

  • webpage
  • Siddhartha Sen, Kumar Sankar Gupta, Many-body physics, topology and geometry, book
  • arxiv papers
  • Sayan K. Chakrabarti, Kumar S. Gupta, Asymptotic quasinormal modes of d-dimensional Schwarzschild black hole with Gauss-Bonnet correction, Int.J.Mod.Phys. A21 (2006) 3565-3574, hep-th/0506133, doi
  • Kumar S. Gupta, Amilcar Queiroz, Anomalies and renormalization of impure states in quantum theories, arxiv/1306.5570
  • Kumar S. Gupta, E. Harikumar, Siddhartha Sen, M. Sivakumar, The central charge of the warped AdS 3S^3 black hole, arxiv/1003.0991; Geometric finiteness, holography and quasinormal modes for the warped AdS 3S^3 black hole, arxiv/0912.3584

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