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Yes, I do contribute (very little though) to mathoverflow.net. E.g. I wrote some response to entries:

What are some famous rejections of correct mathematics?

What is the recent development of D-module and representation theory of Kac-Moody algebra?

Quasi-coherent sheaves in the Functor-of-points approach

Why do my quantum group books avoid homotopical language?

Is Higher K-functor the derived functor of K0?

differential operator in noncommutative geometry?

What is the relation between quantum symmetry and quantum groups?

How to unify various reconstruction theorems (Gabriel-Rosenberg, Tannaka,Balmers)

How helpful is non-standard analysis?

Is there triangulated category version of Barr-Beck’s theorem?

Why Drinfel’d-Jimbo-type Quantum Groups?

Basis of quantum SU(n)

What does the generating function x(1−e−x) count?

Motivation for algebraic K-theory?

Hopf algebra structure on the universal enveloping algebra of a Leibniz algebra?

What is an algebraic group over a noncommutative ring?

Motivation for Cosuspended Category Axioms

How to interpret the Sugawara construction from a physical or mathematical viewpoint?

Derivators (in English)

Reference for quantum Schur-Weyl duality

Introduction to deformation theory (of algebras)?

I did not comment to but some of the following MathOverflow entries captured my interest:




formal-geometry after Gel’fand


In particular, almost any answer given by David Ben-Zvi is very useful to my interests: MO users:david-ben-zvi. e.g.



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