Zoran Skoda
abstract ZagrebLang2014

conference Language, mind and knowledge, Zagreb, June 18-20, 2014


Venue: Center for Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb, Borongaj Campus

The conference is organized by the Department of Philosophy at the Centre for Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb and the Society for the Advancement of Philosophy.

Zoran Škoda, Semantics of noncommutative geometry, June 19, 11:40–12:20

Intuition of a space is vastly generalized in a concept of a noncommutative space. A space is first replaced by some category of objects which live on that space, and then one replaces further this category by some other category of objects which live on some imaginary would-be space. For this program to be successful one needs to choose a very good category of objects. It is known that, for the usual commutative spaces, so-called categories of (certain objects called) sheaves have internal non-classical logic, namely a version of intuitionistic logic. That level of logical formalization is yet not achieved in the noncommutative case, but the geometry is very rich.

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