Zoran Skoda abstract Vienna Oct 20 2010

Speaker: Zoran Škoda

Title: Čech-like cocycles for noncommutative torsors

Date: October 20, 2010, 14:15-15:45

Seminar cycle: Algebraic geometry (leader: Ludmil Katzarkov)

Abstract: In earlier works, I have exhibited examples of principal bundles in noncommutative algebraic geometry with structure Hopf algebra, and locally trivial in the sense of flat localizations, which do not belong to a widely studied class of Hopf-Galois extensions, because either the total space or the base space is not affine. I will show that the Čech-like description here is more complex than in commutative situation, due to the nontriviality of local actions. Elements of a framework involving abstract descent theory and compatibility of coactions and localizations will be presented. Related descent questions are being discussed in recently started project with Gabi Bohm.

category: abstract

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