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Some future conferences/schools which I find interesting


  • April 26-30, cohom. of alg varieties, Hodge theory, motives, Paris, IHP, centre emile borel

  • Geometry at large, part II: Hodge and category theories, May 3-7, Vienna

  • 17-21 May, Derived Categories, Holomorphic Symplectic Geometry, Birational Geometry, Deformation Theory, Paris, IHP,centre emile borel

  • June 6-12, Geometry, quantum fields, and strings: categorial aspects, Oberwolfach, www.mfo.de

  • June 14-July 2, Hodge theory, ICTP

  • June 25-29, Algebraic Geometry, K-theory, and Motives, Piter

  • July 26-30, Hitchin fibration, Bonn

  • Aug 30-Sep 3, homotopy and derived algebraic geometry, Toronto, Fields

  • Aug 29-Sep 3, Categorical Methods in Geometry and Gauge Theory, Chern Institute, Nankai University, Tainjin, China, conference link Speakers: V. Baranovsky (Chicago), A. Bayer (Connecticut), A. Braverman (Brown), I. Ciocan-Fontanine (Minneapolis), D. E. Diaconescu (Rutgers), R. Donagi (University of Pennsylvania), D. Gaitsgory (Harvard), V. Ginzburg (Chicago), A. Grassi (Univ. of Pennsylvania), M. Jardim (Campinas), D. Kaledin (Moscow), B. Kim (KIAS Seoul), T. Kimura (Boston), E. Lupercio (Mexico), E. Macri (Salt Lake City), D. Markushevich (Lille), E. Markman (Amherst), D. Morrison (Duke), T. Pantev (Univ. of Pennsylvania), A. Polishchuk (Oregon), E. Sharpe (Virginia Tech) , B. Szendroi (Oxford), A. Tikhomirov (Yaroslavl), B. Uribe (Bogota), G. Vezzosi (Florence), K. Wehrheim (MIT), M. Zabzine (Upssala)

  • Sep 6-10 motivic homotopy, Bonn

  • Sep 14-23, MathPhys VI, Beograd

  • Sep 26-Oct 1, Deformation Methods in Mathematics and Physics, Oberwolfach

  • Derived categories of algebro-geometric origin and integrable systems, Jerusalem


Other talks

  • 7 Avril, 17-19 : G. GINOT : Homologie des champs des lacets libres,, Chevalret

  • Vendredi 9 avril 2010 à 11h00, Olivier SCHIFFMANN (I.M.J), Algèbres de Cherednik et K-théorie des schémas de Hilbert de points dans le plan. Chevalret

  • April 9, Fan QIN, Quantum cluster variables from quiver representations, Chevalret, link

  • D. Kaledin: Homological methods in ncg, April 13, 14, 15, 10:30-12:00, IHP, Paris, link

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