Zoran Skoda
decentralized file storage

  • Viktor Trón, Aron Fischer, Dániel A Nagy, Zsolt Felföldi, Nick Johnson, Swap, swear and swindle: incentive system for swarm, 2016 pdf
  • IPFS ipfs.io, docs.ipfs.io., wikipedia; Juan Benet. IPFS - Content Addressed, Versioned, P2P File System. 2014.
  • Filecoin: A decentralized storage network, pdf (incentive layer on top of IPFS)
  • Arweave lightpaper, pdf
  • James S Plank, Lihao Xu, Optimizing Cauchy Reed-Solomon codes for fault-tolerant network storage applications, in: Network Computing and Applications 2006. 5th IEEE Intern. Symp. on, 173–180
  • Shawn Wilkinson, Tome Boshevski, Josh Brandoff, Vitalik Buterin, Storj: a peer-to-peer cloud storage network, Technical Report, storj, 2014. v1.01 pdf

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