Zoran Skoda
mathematical physics in Zagreb


Mathematical physics in Zagreb had some hi points few decades ago with late Vladimir (Jurko) Glaser (Gorizia 1924.- Geneve 1984.), a quantum field theorist well known for Epstein-Glaser renormalization. He and many others at some point worked at least part time at Institute Ru?er Bo?kovi?, including late professors Z. Jankovi? (applied mathematics, analytical mechanics), Emil Coffou (numerical analysis, quantum mechanics), Pavao Senjanovi? (group theory in particle physics, quantum field theory), Eduard Prugove?ki (mathematics of

quantum theory), as well as active Andro Mikeli? (web), Kre?imir Veseli? (PDEs of mathematical physics, numerical analysis; web), Tristan Huebsch (Calabi-Yau manifolds, now at Howard University, cv.html) etc.

Present mathematical physics at IRB

Nowdays a group for mathematical and theoretical physics is a part of the theoretical physics “division” at IRB (link) and is lead by Stjepan Meljanac (web), who is specialized in group theoretic methods in physics and applications of Lie and noncommutative algebras, including physics on noncommutative space-time. People in the group include An?elka Andra?i (renormalization in perturbative QCD, especially in Coulomb gauge; long collaboration with J.C. Taylor from Cambridge), Velimir Bardek (collective field theory; Calogero-type integrable models), Zoran ?koda? (noncommutative algebraic geometry, mathematical physics), An?elo Samsarov (noncommutative space-time, Calogero-type models), Davor Palle (cosmology, Einstein-Cartan gravity).

The center for marine research at IRB has employed Mathieu Dutour Sikiri? (web), who worked in soliton theory and integrable models early in his career and is now working in combinatorics, Lie theory, combinatorial and computational geometry etc.

People outside IRB

There is some collaboration of mathematical physicists from IRB with Marijan Milekovi? (U. of Zagreb, Physics Department), Dragutin Svrtan (U. of Zagreb, Mathematics Department) and Sa?a Kre?i∞-Juri? (University of Split, mathematics). Igor Bakovi?? works on physics-motivated category theory, especially on mathematics of stacks, higher bundles and gerbes; he defended his thesis under mathematical physicist Branislav Jur?o? at LMU in Munich. He left IRB in late 2009 and is now in Split. Mathematics department in Zagreb has also a strong group working in vertex operator algebras, including Mirko Primc, Dra?en Adamovi?, Ozren Per?e (and Antun Milas, who has a position in United States). This group grew out of a group in representation theory some members of which studied physics at the beginning of their careers. Ivan Mirkovi?? at University of Massachusets at Amherst has much interest in interface between representation theory and physics. Representation theory group in Zagreb is strong (let us mention Pavle Pand?i?, Hrvoje Kraljevi?, Marko Tadi?, Goran Mui? etc. and ex-patriates in Utah, Goran Savin and Dragan Mili?i?) and was created partly by vision of late Svetozar Kurepa who had interest in physics, especially quantum mechanics and helped diversification from functional analysis seminar into the direction of representation theory. Some other people from that historical seminar diversified into applied mathematics.

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