Zoran Skoda substrate

The substrate is an open software for blockchain mainly created by the company Parity inder the leadership of Gavin Wood (one of the founders of Ethereum and the leader of Web3.0 initiative). It is modular, extensive and in large part written in Rust language. The Polkadot interchain project (in progress) is based on Substrate.

The state-transition function (therefore the runtime architecture) is in Webassembly.

The web page is

and the github repository is

The documentation

The historical presentation of the project with the installation demonstration (Nov 2018) is

  • G. Wood, Substrate: A Rustic Vision for Polkadot at Web3 Summit 2018, youtube

See also the 3-hour workshop Dotcon-0

  • Substrate workshop with Gavin Wood and Sergei Shulepov youtube

See also the videos by other substrate developers

  • Shawn Tabrizi, Substrate an open-source framework for building blockchains, youtube
  • Benjamin Kampmann, Shawn Tabrizi, A new dawn: building DApps with Substrate, youtube
  • B. Hampann, Polkadot & Substrate (05.11.18) CryptoMonday Köln, yt
  • Rust Cologne conf. WASM in the wild yt

An overview of substrate components at

Online tutorial

Some graphic schemas on the structure of substrate code can be found here

Nodes see chain runtime through entry points usually via

Substrate UI uses the polkadot-js/API

  • polkadot.js.org/api

Links related to substrate’s consensus algorithms

  • Proof of existence blockchain with Substrate, blog
  • Casper consensus on substrate news

Smart contracts on Substrate

Smart contracts on Substrate are currently done using the module ink.

About Rust and Webassembly in general

Polkadot project

  • PolkaDot.network
  • Cumulus - an extension to Substrate that makes it easy to make any Substrate built runtime into a Polkadot compatible parachain.
  • Gavin Wood, PolkaDot: vision for a heterogeneous multi-chain framework pdf
  • Vitalik Buterin (for R3), Chain interoperability Sep 2016 pdf
  • Polkadot & Parity Substrate, by Björn Wagner and Robert Habermeier at Polkadot SF yt
  • Thibaut Sardan, Polkadot and Parity Substrate youtube


This is a Substrate based 3rd generation blockchain project (written in Rust), using proof of stake and implementing PL^G. Smart contracting uses ink.

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