nLab (infinity,1)-category of cartesian sections


Let p:EXp : E \to X be an (∞,1)-functor of (∞,1)-categories. A cartesian section of pp is a section σ:XE\sigma : X \to E that sends all 1-morphisms in XX to Cartesian morphisms in EE.



If p:EXp : E \to X is a Cartesian fibration classified by an (∞,1)-functor F:X(,1)Cat opF : X \to (\infty,1)Cat^{op} then Γ X cart(E)\Gamma_X^{cart}(E) is equivalent to the limit of FF

Γ X cart(E)limF. \Gamma_X^{cart}(E) \simeq lim F \,.

See the discussion at limit in a quasi-category for details.


In corollary of

the collection of cartesian sections of p:EXp : E \to X appears as Maps X (X #,E cart)Maps_X^\flat(X^#, E^{cart}).


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