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Anders Kock is a mathematician at Aarhus University, Denmark. He has proved important results in category theory and particularly in synthetic differential geometry.


Selected writings

On the 2-category of complete categories being monadic over Cat:

Introducing the notion of strong monads and relating to monoidal monads and commutative monads:

On fiber bundles internal to finitely complete categories:

On synthetic differential geometry:

See also:

  • A. Kock, The algebraic theory of moving frames, Cahiers Top. Géom. Diff. Catégoriques 23 (1982) 347–362

  • A. Kock. Closed categories generated by commutative monads, J. Austral. Math. Soc. 12(04):405–424, 1971

  • A. Kock, I. Moerdijk, Presentations of étendues , Cah. Top. Géom. Diff. Cat. XXXII 2 (1991) 145–164. (pdf)

  • A. Kock, I. Moerdijk, Every étendue comes from a local equivalence relation , JPAA 82_ (1992) 155–174.

  • E. J. Dubuc, A. Kock, On 1-form classifiers, Commun. Alg. 12 (1984) 1471–1531 doi

  • E. J. Dubuc, G. M. Kelly, A presentation of topoi as algebraic relative to categories or graphs, J. Algebra 81 (1983) 420–433



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