nLab Andrés Villaveces

Selected writing and expositions

Andrés Villaveces is a mathematician at Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Bogotá (web) specialized in model theory. He is also interested in philosophy and history of mathematics.

Selected writing and expositions

  • John T. Baldwin, Andrés Villaveces, Zilber’s notion of logically perfect structure: Universal Covers, arXiv:2302.04650
  • Alexander Berenstein, Andrés Villaveces, Hilbert spaces with random predicates, pdf
  • Fernando Zalamea (editor), Rondas en Sais. Ensayos sobre matemáticas y cultura contemporánea. (Essays on mathematics and contemporary culture, by Moreno, Javier; de Lorenzo, Javier; Villaveces, Andrés; Pérez, Jesús Hernando; Restrepo, Gabriel; Cruz Morales, John Alexánder; Vargas, Francisco; Oostra, Arnold; Ferreirós, José; Zalamea, Fernando; Martín, Alejandro) Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Humanas 2012 pdf


  • Two logics, and their connections with large cardinals, online talk at NY Logics Seminar, 2021,,
  • Simplicity via complexity via simplicity? Sandboxes for simplicity, Simplicity conference (multidisciplinary), yt
  • Galoisian model theory: the role(s) of Grothendieck (à son insu !), Los Angeles, May 22, 2022 yt slides
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