Andrey Lazarev

Andrey Lazarev is a mathematician at the University of Leicester. His research is at the interface of mathematical physics and pure mathematics, including algebraic topology, homological algebra and deformation theory, noncommutative geometry and conformal field theory.

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  • Joseph Chuang, Andrey Lazarev, L-infinity maps and twistings, arxiv/0912.1215; Abstract Hodge decomposition and minimal models for cyclic algebras, arxiv./0810.2393, Feynman diagrams and minimal models for operadic algebras, arxiv/0802.3507, Dual Feynman transform for modular operads, arxiv/0704.2561

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  • Andrey Lazarev, The Stasheff model of a simply-connected manifold and the string bracket, math.AT/0512596

  • A. Lazarev, A. A. Voronov, Graph homology: Koszul and Verdier duality, math.QA/0702313

  • Jonathan Block, Andrey Lazarev, André-Quillen cohomology and rational homotopy of function spaces, math.KT/0306406

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