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Selected writings

Selected writings

On subtypes (with an early discussion of what came to be called lenses (in computer science) motivated by object-oriented programming):

Introducing the terminology of lenses (in computer science):

  • Aaron Bohannon, Benjamin C. Pierce, Jeffrey A. Vaughan, Relational lenses: a language for updatable views, Proceedings of Principles of Database Systems (PODS) (2006) 338-347 [doi:10.1145/1142351.1142399, pdf]

  • J. N. Foster, M. B. Greenwald, J. T. Moore, Benjamin C. Pierce, A. Schmitt, Combinators for bidirectional tree transformations: A linguistic approach to the view-update problem, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 29 3 (2007) 17-es [doi:x10.1145/1232420.1232424]

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