nLab Category Theory conference

The Category Theory (or simply CT) conference is an international annual conference on the subject of category theory.

The list below is incomplete.

2023Louvain-la-Neuvewebsite, recordingspdf
2022no event due to lack of organisers
2020no event due to COVID-19 pandemic
2018Ponta Delgadawebsite
2012Data missingData missing
2009Cape Townwebsite
2006Nova Scotiawebsite
2005Data missingData missing
2003Data missingData missing
2002Data missingData missing
2001Data missingData missing
1999Coimbrawebsiteinvited abstracts, contributed abstracts
1998no eventData missing
1997VancouverData missing
1996Isle of ThornsData missing
1994ToursData missing
1993no eventData missing
1992Isle of ThornsData missing
1991MontrealData missing
1990ComoData missing
1989BangorData missing
1988Isle of ThornsData missing
1987Louvain-la-NeuveData missing
1986CambridgeData missing
1985Isle of Thorns (University of Sussex)Data missing

The following is a quote from Rota 1993 on the proceedings of the Category Theory conference in held 1991:

It is good to know that category theory is alive and well after all these years. We were turned off to category theory by the excesses of the sixties, when a small but loud crowd pretended to reduce all of mathematics to the language of categories. Now at least they have toned down their claims, and category theory has taken its modest place in the mathematical spectrum side by side with lattice theory, more pretentious perhaps than the latter, but with a good pedigree. We wish there were two versions of each of the papers presented at this conference: one for the specialist, as one finds it in this book, and one for the would-be specialist, who needs some direction and encouragement before he or she swallows this morass of definitions.


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  • Aurelio Carboni, Giuseppe Rosolini and Robert Walters (guest editors), CT2000, Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 9, 2001. [TAC]

  • George Janelidze, John MacDonald, Ross Street and Walter Tholen (guest editors), CT2004, Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 15, 2005-2006. [TAC]

  • CT2006, Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 19, 2007. [TAC]

  • Marino Gran, George Janelidze, Stephen Lack, John MacDonald and Walter Tholen (guest editors), CT2011, Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 27, 2012. [TAC]

A list of category theory conferences appears in the unpublished note:

category: reference

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