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Selected writings

Stephen Lack (commonly known as ‘Steve’) is an Australian category theorist with notable contributions to 2-category theory and the theory of monoidal categories.

He was winner of The Australian Mathematical Society Medal for 2009.

He is on the Steering Board of the Journal ‘Compositionality’.

Selected writings

On extensive categories and distributive categories:

On toposes as adhesive categories:

On the 2-category theory of monads and their Eilenberg-Moore categories:

On descent:

On adhesive categories:

See also:

  • John Bourke and Stephen Lack, Skew monoidal categories and skew multicate- gories, Journal of Algebra, 506:237–266, 2018.

  • John Bourke and Stephen Lack, Free skew monoidal categories, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 222:3255–3281, 2018.

  • Stephen Lack, Operadic categories and their skew monoidal categories of collections, Higher Structures, accepted 30 July 2017, 29 pages; available as arXiv:1610.0628.

  • Gabriella Böhm, Stephen Lack, and José Gómez-Torrecillas, Weak multiplier bi- monoids, Applied Categorical Structures, 65 pages, published online; also available as arXiv:1603.05702.

  • Richard Garner, Stephen Lack, and Paul Slevin, Hochschild homology, lax codescent, and duplicial structure, Annals of K-theory, 3(1):1–31, 2018; also available as arXiv:1510.08925.

  • Gabriella Böhm and Stephen Lack, A simplicial approach to multiplier bimonoids, Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society - Simon Stevin, 24:107–122, 2017.

  • Gabriella Böhm and Stephen Lack, Multiplier Hopf monoids, Algebras and Representation Theory, 20(1):1–46, 2017; also available as arXiv:1511.03806.

  • Gabriella Böhm and Stephen Lack, A category of multiplier bimonoids, Applied Categorical Structures, 25(2):279–301, 2017; and available as arXiv:1509.07171.

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