nLab Christophe Reutenauer

Christophe Reutenauer is a Canadian mathematician specialized in algebraic combinatorics and applications.

Related pages include cyclic derivation, quasi-symmetric function, free Lie algebra

  • C. Reutenauer, Free Lie algebras, Handbook of Algebra, vol. 3, 2003, 887-903, doi

  • C. Reutenauer, Applications of a noncommutative jacobian matrix, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 77, n. 2, 1992, p. 169-181, doi

  • C. Reutenauer, Cyclic derivation of noncommutative algebraic power series, J. Alg. 85, 32-39 (1983) pdf

  • Claudia Malvenuto, C. Reutenauer, Plethysm and conjugation of quasi-symmetric functions, Discrete Mathematics 193 (1998) 225-233 pdf

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