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Claudio Procesi is an Italian mathematician. Most of his work is in algebra, representation theory, Lie theory, combinatorics and study of moduli spaces in algebraic geometry, configuration spaces and arrangements of hyperplanes.

He was a teacher of Corrado de Concini (wikipedia) with whom he often collaborates. They together invented so-called wonderful compactifications of symmetric spaces and of moduli spaces.


  • publications

  • Lie groups, an approach through invariants and representations, Universitext, Springer 2006, gBooks

  • On the n!n! conjecture, ps, Séminaire Bourbaki 2001/2002. (Astérisque 290, Exposé 898) (2002)

  • Corrado de Concini, Claudio Procesi, Wonderful models of subspace arrangements, Selecta Mathematica, New Series Vol. 1, No. 3, 1995 (pdf)

  • Corrado De Concini, Claudio Procesi, Topics in hyperplane arrangements, polytopes and box-splines, Universitext 223, Springer 2010.

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