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Selected works

Claus Hertling is a German mathematician, a specialist in singularity theory who studied under Brieskorn and Manin.

Selected works

He studied Frobenius manifolds and a generalization F-manifolds with examples from integrable systems, nonabelian Hodge theory and singularities.

  • Claus Hertling, Frobenius manifolds and moduli spaces for singularities, Cambridge University Press 2002.

  • Claus Hertling, Christian Sevenheck, Twistor structures, tt *tt^*-geometry and singularity theory, pp. 49–74 in: “From tQFT to tt* and integrability”, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics 78 (2007, Augsburg, Germany), AMS 2008; arxiv:0807.2199

  • Claus Hertling, Claude Sabbah, Examples of non-commutative Hodge structure (v1 title: Fourier-Laplace transform of flat unitary connections and TERP structures), arxiv:0912.2754

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