nLab Ctirad Klimčík

Ctirad Klimčik is a Slovak mathematical physicist.

Selected talks

  • Superintegrability, Killing symmetry and point particle T-duality, at conference Integrability, Dualities and Deformations, Berlin 2022 yt

We report on a recent progress in the point particle T-duality story. We argue that the ideas related to Killing symmetry, integrability and deformation play an important role not only in a string T-duality story but also in its point particle counterpart. Applying those ideas we find, quite remarkably, that the T-duality seems to be a more widespread phenomenon in the context of the point particle dynamics than in the string one. In this talk, we focus on superintegrable spherically symmetric electro-gravitational backgrounds in n dimensions where we can produce explicit new examples of point particle T-duality having an interesting physical consequences. In particular, the dynamics of a charged particle scattered by a repulsive electric potential in a flat space is T-dual to the dynamics of scattering in the space of constant negative curvature. Thus knowing just the exact Hamiltonian dynamics of the scattered particle cannot give us an information about the curvature of the space in which the particle moves.

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Selected writings

On examples of universal spacetimes:

Introducing the fuzzy 4-sphere:

On T-duality and the moment map:

Introducing nonabelian T-duality:

On Poisson-Lie T-duality:

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