nLab D=7 super Yang-Mills theory




super Yang-Mills theory in dimension 7=6+17 = 6+1.

The worldvolume theory of Chan-Paton gauge fields on D6-branes.


  • Christoph Lüdeling, Seven-Dimensional Super-Yang-Mills Theory in N=1N=1 Superfields (arXiv:1102.0285)

From M-theory on G2-manifolds:

  • Bobby Acharya, section 3.2.1 of M Theory, G 2G_2-manifolds and Four Dimensional Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravity Volume 19 Number 22, 2002 (pdf)

On 3-Sasakian manifolds:

  • Nikolaos Iakovidis, Jian Qiu, Andreas Rocén, Maxim Zabzine, 7D supersymmetric Yang-Mills on hypertoric 3-Sasakian manifolds (arXiv:2003.12461)

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