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Selected works

Daniel Altschuler is a theoretical physicist.

Selected works

On (universal) Vassiliev invariants and relation to perturbative Chern-Simons theory

Relations of knot invariants to quasi-Hopf algebras

  • Daniel Altschuler, Antoine Coste, Invariants de rubans et algèbres quasi Hopf, Les rencontres physiciens-mathématiciens de Strasbourg - RCP25, 1994, tome 46 « Conférences de A. Beauville, A. Coste, J. Dubochet, A. Gramain, M. Holschneider, C. Itzykson, P. Le Tallec, V. Rivasseau, C. Weber », exp. no 1, p. 1-42 numdam
  • D. Altschuler, A. Coste, Quasi-quantum groups, knots, three-manifolds, and topological field theoryCommun.Math. Phys. 150 (1992) 83–107 doi

Other works

  • Daniel Altschuler, Quantum equivalence of coset space models, Nuclear Physics B 313:2 (1989) 293-307 doi
  • Daniel Altschuler, Claude Itzykson?, Remarks on integration over Lie algebras, Annales de l’I. H. P., section A, tome 54, no 1 (1991), p. 1-8 numdam
  • Daniel Altschuler, Brain Davis, Quantum loop models and quantum spin chains, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 09:22 (1994) 3925-3958 doi
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