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Dmitry Kaledin (sometimes transliterated as Dmitri) is a Russian mathematician.

Kaledin has proved some cases of the degeneration conjecture of Maxim Kontsevich.

  • homepage at Russian Academy of Sciences, arXiv papers

  • D. Kaledin, Tokyo lectures “Homological methods in non-commutative geometry”, pdf, TeX; and related but different Seoul lectures

  • D. Kaledin, Cartier isomorphism and Hodge theory in the non-commutative case, Arithmetic geometry, 537–562, Clay Math. Proc. 8, Amer. Math. Soc. 2009, arxiv/0708.1574

  • D. Kaledin, Cyclic homology with coefficients, math.KT/0702068, to appear in Yu. Manin’s 70th anniversary volume.

  • Non-commutative Hodge-to-de Rham degeneration via the method of Deligne-Illusie, Pure Appl. Math. Quat. 4 (2008), 785–875.

  • Spectral sequences for cyclic homology, in Algebra, Geometry and Physics in the 21st Century (Kontsevich Festschrift), Birkhäuser, Progress in Math. 324 (2017), 99–129

  • D. Kaledin, A. Konovalov, K. Magidson, Spectral algebras and non-commutative Hodge-to-de Rham degeneration, arxiv/1906.09518

  • Dmitri Kaledin, Misha Verbitsky, Hyperkahler manifolds

    2000; International Press of Boston

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