Ehresmann coring

Given a coalgebra-Galois extension UEU\hookrightarrow E of a kk-algebra UU, which is the appropriate generalization of a Hopf-Galois extension, where EE is faithfully flat over the base UU as a left EE-module, one constructs a coring, Ehresmann coring, out of these data. Its role is somewhat analogous to the gauge groupoid (see Atiyah Lie groupoid), and in Hopf-Galois case it is an intermediate stage in constructing another analogue, (Ehresmann-)Schauenburg bialgebroid, see there.

  • T. Brzeziński, R. Wisbauer, Corings and comodules, London Math. Soc. Lec. Note Series 309, Cambridge 2003.

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