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Errett Bishop

Errett Bishop

Errett Bishop (1928–1983) was responsible for reviving interest in constructive mathematics as a branch of mathematics. Before this, he had a career in areas of classical (i.e., non-constructive) analysis, including approximation theory?, several complex variables, function algebras, and other fields.

See Bishop's constructive mathematics for a detailed discussion of the system he developed. Bishop's important works in constructive mathematics include:

Selected writings

On constructive mathematics in general and constructive analysis in particular

On constructive mathematics:

  • “Schizophrenia in contemporary mathematics” (1973), a philosophical attack on nonconstructive mathematics;

    see also: “The crisis in contemporary mathematics”, Historia Mathematica 2 4 (1975) 507-517 []

On constructive measure theory:

  • Constructive Measure Theory (1972, with Henry Cheng), featuring a better measure theory than in FCA;
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