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Welcome on my personal webpage at the nlab.


I am currently maître de conférence (assistant professor) of University Paris 6 at Jussieu’s mathematical institute in the Algebraic analysis group.


I have two main domains of interest:

Mathematics of quantum field theory: i wrote a book whose aim was to give a coordinate free (i.e., categorical) presentation of many tools (and theories) used in the classical and quantum aspects of field theory:

I didn’t succeed in fulfilling my curiosity in this domain.

Arithmetic geometry: i did my Phd thesis on Abelian varieties, Galois representations and Shimura varieties. My recent interests are related to global analytic geometry, mixed geometry? and global Hodge theory, with views towards applications to the geometric study of (analytic) number theory. You can find a presentation of some motivations in the master course notes (preliminary form):

and at global Analytic geometry?.

I think that the combination of the three above tools may be quite useful to better understand the geometric meaning of functional symmetries.


You can find further informations on me (publications, preprints, etc…) on my academic webpage.

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