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Selected writings

Selected writings

On higher-order abstract syntax:

On inductive types and the calculus of constructions:

On linear logic and basics of type theory:

On logical frameworks:

  • Frank Pfenning, Logical frameworks – a brief introduction (2002) [pdf]

  • Frank Pfenning, Logical frameworks, chapter 17 in: Alan Robinson and Andrei Voronkov (eds.): Handbook of Automated Reasoning (1999) 1063-1147 [ps]

  • Frank Pfenning, Logical frameworks web site (web), including an extensive bibliography and a list of implementations

On modal logic:

  • Frank Pfenning, Rowan Davies, A judgemental reconstruction of modal logic, Mathematical Structures in Comp. Sci. 11 4 (2001) 511-540 [pdf]

  • Frank Pfenning, Towards modal type theory (2000) [pdf]

  • Frank Pfenning, Intensionality, Extensionality, and Proof Irrelevance in Modal Type Theory, in: Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (2001) 221&-230 [web]

On modal type theory:

On the type of natural numbers in type theory:

On adjoint logic:

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