nLab G2-conifold



A G2-manifold with conical singularities is also called a G 2G_2-conifold.


G 2G_2-conifolds

On G2-conifolds (G2-manifolds with conical singularities):


  • Spiro Karigiannis, G 2G_2-conifolds: A survey, 2014 (pdf)

  • Mark Haskins, Exotic Einstein metrics on S 6S^6 and S 3×S 3S^3 \times S^3 nearly Kähler 6-manifolds and G 2G_2-holonomy cones, 2016 (pdf)

Three simply connected G 2G_2-cones are known: the

  1. metric cone on complex projective 3-space

  2. metric cone on S 3×S 3S^3 \times S^3

  3. metric cone on SU(3)/(U(1)×U(1))SU(3) / (U(1) \times U(1))

More on the metric cone over complex projective 3-space as a G2-manifold:

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