nLab Gabriella Böhm

Selected writings

Gabriella Böhm is a Hungarian mathematical physicist. She studies symmetries appearing in quantum field theories, inclusions of subfactors, bialgebroids, Hopf algebroids, entwining structures, corings, Hopf cyclic homology and some related categorical structures like monads, weak monads and so on.

Selected writings

On a vast generalization of crossed modules

  • Gabriella Böhm, Crossed modules of monoids I: relative categories, Appl. Categor. Struct. 27 (2019) 641–662 doi; Crossed modules of monoids II: relative crossed modules, Appl Categor Struct 28 (2020) 601–653 doi; Crossed modules of monoids III: simplicial monoids of Moore length 1, Appl. Categor. Struct. 29 (2021) 1–29 doi

On bimonoids in duoidal categories:

  • Gabriella Böhm, (Hopf) bimonoids in duoidal categories, Chapter in Hopf algebras and their generalizations from a category theoretical point of view, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2226 (2018) (chapter doi)

  • Gabriella Böhm, Y. Chen, L. Zhang, On Hopf monoids in duoidal categories, J. Algebra 394 (2013) 139–172 (2013) MR3092715 doi

  • Y. Chen, G. Böhm, Weak bimonoids in duoidal categories, J. Pure Appl. Math. 218:12 (2014) 2240–2273 doi

On internal crossed modules of monoid objects:

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