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I retired from a readership in mathematics at Sussex University (UK) in 1999. I am just putting a gingerly toe into the waters of this wiki for the first time - patience please! I got courage for this from seeing here the names of some old mathematical colleagues. The trouble with hermetic retirement is that one not only loses touch with old friends but also misses the opportunity to make new ones. One misses the gossip, too!

This medium of mathematical converse was a pipedream for me for many years. It will probably seem pretty clunky to the next generation, who will no doubt be able to express themselves by a mere act of will, with all the digital hardware incarnated in human flesh. Caro electronica facienda sit.

Hitherto I have not used wikis much, but have preferred to restrict myself to a medium over which I have nearly complete control, my home pages. Because of my emotional attachment to an operating system, RISC OS, that is almost extinct, I have missed out on a good deal of the software necessary for modern mathematical communication. The falling price of notebook computers has at last tempted me to come out of my shell.

Selected writings

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