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Selected writings

Selected writings

On equivariant rational homotopy theory (see model structure on equivariant dgc-algebras):

  • Georgia Triantafillou, Equivariant rational homotopy theory, chapter III of Peter May, Equivariant homotopy and cohomology theory, CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics, vol. 91, Published for the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, Washington, DC, 1996. With contributions by M. Cole, G. ComezaËśna, S. Costenoble, A. D. Elmendorf, J. P. C. Greenlees, L. G. Lewis, Jr., R. J. Piacenza, G. Triantafillou, and S. Waner. (pdf, ISBN: 978-0-8218-0319-6)

  • Georgia Triantafillou, Equivariant minimal models, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. vol 274 pp 509-532 (1982) (jstor:1999119)

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